Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Isle of Wight, England

One of my favorite places to visit when I lived in England, the Isle of Wight has several great attractions that I would highly recommend. A little over 20 miles across, this island features the Osborne House, the summer home of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, as well as miles of beautiful beaches. I was also able to visit several other interesting places such as the Ventnor Botanical Garden and Carisbrooke Castle.
(Carisbrooke Castle)

(The Osborne House)

(Part of the garden behind the Osborne House)

(Ventnor Botanical Garden)

If I was ever able to return, it would be for the Isle of Wight Festival. Dating back to 1968, this festival has had attendences surpassing that of Woodstock and has featured artists like Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Chicago, The Doors, The Who, and Joni Mitchell. This festival continues to attract legendary headliners like Jay Z, Coldplay, The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, The Sex Pistols, and REM.

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