Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Winchester, England

I was 23 when I stepped onto my first air plane. I went from Kansas City to Dallas Fort Worth. Two hours later I boarded a nine hour flight to London. Lucky me. But what a first impression! There was something about the hustle and bustle that I loved. I walked around with a sleepy, star-struck gaze, trying to take it all in without losing my way. My first few hours in England were spent waiting for other international students being flown in. We would be shuttled to the University of Winchester. I was too jet lagged to do much more than get on the shuttle, put in my iPod and fall asleep for the hour and a half drive to Winchester.

When I woke up, I felt like I was in some kind of dreamland. Gone were the country houses, barns, and miles of crops. All I wanted to do once I had gotten my bags in my room was walk around. I was beyond surprised to find some of the amazing attractions Winchester has too offer.

(Winchester Cathedral)

(Bustling shops and cafes in the town centre)

(One of many beautiful gardens displayed in Winchester)

Winchester is picturesque to say the least. With great attractions like Winchester Cathedral (shown above), the Arthurian Round Table, and the grave of Jane Austen, Winchester was a great place to live, and will always be a on my top places to revisit!

For more information on Winchester go to http://www.visitwinchester.co.uk/

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